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External Exams

Cambridge (CIE)
PET: Preliminary English Test
Year group: Year 7

FCE: First Certificate in English
Year groups: Years 8 & 9

General info
The English syllabus is modelled on the British curriculum so as to prepare the students in KS3 for KS4 and eventually their iGCSEs. We embed the preparation for the Cambridge PET & FCE exams into the syllabus, using Cambridge coursebooks and doing mock exams. For English first language learners, this also ensures their standards of English remain high.

CAE: Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English
Year group: Year 10

General info
As well as completing their iGCSE English Language and iGCSE English Literature coursework, students in year 10 also prepare for the CAE exam, using Cambridge coursebooks and doing mock exams. Some students wait until KS5 before they do the exam. Students in year 11 tend not to do a Cambridge exam, so as to focus on their iGCSEs.

CAE: Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English
Year groups: Years 12 & 13
CPE: Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English
Year group: Year 13

General info
Students in KS5 follow a specialised curriculum, tailored to the studies of their choice. Students also have Cambridge CAE / CPE classes to ensure their standards of English remain very high and that they are prepared to take a Cambridge exam if they wish.
DELE (Instituto Cervantes Spanish as a Foreign Language Certificate)
DELE Spanish certificates are oficial degrees that prove the proficiency and dommain of the Spanish language, granted by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Ministerio de Educación y Formación Profesional de España and can only be obtained at Instituto Cervantes accredited examination centres, such as Elian’s British School La Nucía.

The Spanish as a Foreign Language Certificate are recognised internationally and facilitate access to:
| University studies, mainly masters and university careers that require a European Framework of Reference for Languages B2 and C1 level accreditation.
| The working world, as they are recognised by private companies and chambers of commerce.

The certificates are achieved by passing the DELE exam tests that assess reading comprehension, listening comprehension, and written and oral expression and interaction in Spanish, as mentioned above, in accordance with the Marco común europeo de referencia (MCER) and the “Manual para relacionar exámenes al MCER”, both from the Consejo de Europa.

The following certificates may be achieved:
| DELE A1 (Acreddits the capability of understanding and using very frequent everyday expressions and simple sentences, in order to satisfy immediate needs)
| DELE A2 (Accredits the capability of understanding frequent use sentences and expressions related to relevant experience areas and of communicating whilst completing simple and everyday tasks) DELE A2 or superior certificates are required to obtain Spanish nationality for non Spanish speakers, both Spanish and resident Sephardies.
| DELE B1 (Acreddits the capability of understanding through texts, familiar issues to cope with in everyday life situations)
| DELE B2 (Independent candidate: high medium) Minimum level required to access higher studies in most careers.
| DELE C1 (Proficient candidate: effective domain)
| DELE C2 (Proficient candidate: master degree)

Exam dates:
Exams will begin as from 2022 as follows:
April: all general levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 & C2)
May: School Dele (A2-B1)
November: all general levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 & C2)
Enrolment dates for each exam can be checked on the following links: &

Where to enrol
People interested in sitting a DELE exam in Elian’s British School La Nucía, must enrol in the Instituto Cervantes webpage at There you may find all the information referring to levels you may sit as well as online courses to prepare the exams, together with the possibility of accessing the preparation handbooks. Likewise you will find all the inscription process details and requirements to complete the registration.

In general, candidates wishing to sit a Spanish as a Foreign Language exam, must prove whilst enroling, their status as citizens of a country in which Spanish is not the official language.
For DELE inscriptions for school members, our Elian’s students will be enrolled directly from the school itself since we perform the exams in our centre.

Elian’s students that wish to sit adult or general DELE exams, must enrol in the Instituto Cervantes webpage ( The teacher and the school itself will help students to complete the inscription correctly.

Contact telephone: 966 87 70 55
Contact person: Cristina Fuster
Times: Tuesdays 15:20 - 16:10 / Thursdays 12:00 - 12:50
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